Charm and Distinctive Interior Lodge Decor

Nov 7th

Nordic charm and a lodge decor distinctive feature are some of the hottest things in the world of housing right now. Here we present a wide range of possibilities to put a rustic touch on your property. The modern residence may reflect the roots of the past, surprise and show personality. One of the very big trends is currently the rustic residence, where both history, scenographic interiors and Nordic tracks emerge in a new futuristic way. Do you dream of a rustic home? Consider raw nature in the home. A birch tree trunk in the living room, furniture in untreated wood. And heavy cast in the form of stone, concrete and marble. Use heavy, masculine furniture, but add a good amount of well-chosen feminine nipsting that tells a story. The accommodation must be decorated with meaning and reflect who you are.

Give the home patinated personality. Choose furniture and interior with character. And mix with rustic findings from flea markets and auctions. Select art that provokes, surprises or calms in the home. The art must speak to you and create value in space. Rustic chic spaces are spaces in which rustic elements (such as wood) are combine with simple and modern design. Nevertheless, the combination between rustic and modern is not always easy. But it does happen when you create a lodge decor wall. You do that by means of a wood wall. That way it feels like you are in a wooden chalet. The wood provides the rustic and the rest of the interior gives the modern touch. One of the easiest rooms to bring a rustic. But also chic accent to your interior is the bedroom.

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By working on one of your walls with wood, you immediately feel as if you are sleeping somewhere in nature or just in a wooden cabin. Instead of making a whole wall of wood directly, you can also opt for a wooden divider. Because there is an open space on both sides, the lodge decor atmosphere is maintain. In addition, you can also easily replace it if you are ready for another room divider. The fact that you want to go for the rustic and modern look does not mean that you immediately have to build an entire wall with wood. If you want to add accents in a subtle way, your example can be a wooden wall on the landing or along the stairs. This way the wall makes a lot less statement. But you still create a rustic atmosphere.

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