Design of Chanel Decor

Nov 20th

Chanel decor run the spectrum of accessories, such as abstract oil paintings mounted in black lacquer frames or repurposed flea flaws that reflect an Eco design DIY aesthetic. The best aspect of contemporary wall decorations is that a well-chosen item or crafted tablecloth can set the tone for the entire room’s interior and serve as contact points and conversation startup.

Designer Look

The sophisticated designer look requires a refined aesthetics in Chanel decor books. Artwork should be in matching or coordinating frameworks. A single large painting fits over a fireplace, bed or couch, while smaller walls can be supported for a series of artworks displayed vertically. A look popular with modern design is the narrow shelf that floats along the length of a wall and can be used to support small or light pieces. Try a line of tea light for a minimalist look, or show off a collection of mid-century modern porcelain or vases in geometric shapes.

Bohemian Modern Look

The “Bomo” look is about integrating the new and the old, the elegant with funky. You can find a modern tone with the help of pieces in industrial materials, such as a shiny chrome watch is close to a glass or aluminum letter that spells out an inspirational word or phrase. Another bohemian modern trend decorates without borders; inspire design traditions all over the world. Mount an eye-catching mask among a collection of whimsical Japanese toys for an eclectic look. Jump on the do-it-yourself trend using a repurposed item like wall decor. A simple project is to take an old box and paint it, and then nail it on the wall to serve as a simple shadow box.

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Paper and fabric

One of the fastest, cheaper ways to provide a modern room some Chanel home collection is to use paper or fabric. Background makes comeback, and there is modern design that presents unique colors and patterns to give a room a craftsman’s quality. Wall paintings and decals are another trend. These pieces are easy to apply, customize and remove if need arises. There are some projects with fabric decorators can try. Cover a gallery quality canvas in a bold piece of cloth, staple it down and hang it. Hang a wallet in a modern or ethnic design down the length of the wall, or just use a string of fabric. You can swipe thumbs up at the top and bottom for extra weight.


Contemporary furnishings focus on texture and material instead of color. Decorate with black, white and gray fixtures, appliances and walls. This ensures that your modern room is at the forefront of design, but will still be in style for many years to come. The accent colors brighten up the space by inserting natural plants or soft pink pillows to balance the masculine feeling of metal surfaces. Yellow and lime green are also modern colors. Carpet and tiles should be neutral, such as tan carpet or an elegant travertine floor.

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