Great Ideas for Basketball Room Decor

Dec 3rd

Basketball room decor – A basketball theme earns major points with fans of this sport. Both athletes and spectators will enjoy basketball elements incorporated into a bedroom, living room or game room. The views, sounds and colors of the game can serve as inspiration throughout a room. Modify the decorative elements to suit your space style and specific decoration. The orange of a basketball offers a natural color option for a basketball-themed room. Use the color on the walls or as accents throughout the room. The colors of a favorite basketball team offer an alternative option for painting and accents. A neutral wall color allows room decoration to be changed in the future without re-painting, while using a darker color on the wall presents a bold look.

Paint a basketball room decor wall to attract the look and add interest to the wall. A simple option is the image of a basketball along with the dotted lines of the farewell behind it. Other images that you can use for a wall mural would be a basketball hoop or a score board. If you do not want to paint a mural on the wall, use cling vinyl or wall stickers to bring the basketball theme to the walls. Use hardwood or laminate flooring in the room to recreate the feel of a basketball court. To emphasize the basketball court environment, lines of paint on the floor to replicate a small-scale basketball court in the room. Painting a hardwood or laminate floor can permanently leave marks. Use colored tape instead of paint if you want a removable alternative to make lines on the floor.

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Any classic or modern style of furniture works with the theme of basketball. Wooden furniture painted in one of the colors of the selected rooms helps the pieces blend in with the decor. Colored plastic chairs that resemble seats used by basketball players during a game add an option to be themed of the room. puffs in the form of basketball-offer another option of seating, particularly for bedrooms or family rooms. Make the accents in the room emphasize the basketball theme. A small basketball hoop, either mounted on the wall or hung on a door, provides a decorative and entertaining element. Posters with a general theme or basketball a specific basketball team add wall decorations. Banners of basketball teams offer another wall option. Basketball balls and basketball shirts also work well for decorations.